Your time at All American CrossFit Southglenn will be the most uplifting time of your day. The energy is always high, the music is always loud, and we’re always excited to see you. We are here and eager to help you reach a new, amazing personal best. We strive to be the most fun and exciting place for you to discover and develop your inner athlete.


The All American CrossFit Southglenn community is second to none. Expect to find fun and caring members and coaches that want to see you show up and succeed. We train together. We suffer together. We play together. We love our people, which is why All American CrossFit Southglenn is open throughout the day. You’re always invited, and we want you here.


It’s no secret that CrossFit provides an incredible level of fitness, and All American CrossFit Southglenn has awesome coaches and amazing programming. Our experienced coaches will teach you how to safely execute all of the skills of CrossFit in a fun and supportive environment. Expect us to push you to be better today than you were yesterday, and don’t be surprised when you are. If you do your best, you can’t fail.


Mike Egebrecht
Mike Egebrecht
Mike has been involved with sports his entire life, including coaching in various capacities for almost 10 years. He began his coaching career at Concordia University Chicago as a strength and conditioning coach while pursuing his Masters Degree in Exercise Science. Mike left Concordia to move to Colorado where he started his own company, Eggy’s Sports Performance, and finished his Master’s program at CU Boulder. He coached various men’s and women’s hockey programs for players ranging in age from 12 to 20. Additionally, Mike was the head of strength and conditioning for the Colorado Women’s Select Hockey Program for three years. It was at this time that he was introduced to CrossFit. Mike’s love for CrossFit grew as well as his desire to own his own facility. After coaching football and coordinating the strength and conditioning program at Heritage High School, Mike got his first CrossFit coaching job at Project Move CrossFit, where he eventually became the head coach. Mike designed programming for Project Move and coached full time for over a year before he and his wife, Sophia, joined Aaron Yost to create All American CrossFit Southglenn.
Aaron Yost
Aaron Yost
In 2015, shortly after moving to Colorado, Aaron joined his first CrossFit class as part of a New Year’s resolution and immediately fell in love. After a year of training as an athlete, Aaron earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in 2016 and began coaching at the gym he attended. Watching people change their lives through CrossFit in turn changed Aaron’s life. This was when he realized that CrossFit was where he wanted to dedicate his time, and the dream of owning a CrossFit gym was born. In 2018, he joined Mike and Sophia to open All American CrossFit Southglenn. Prior to opening All American CrossFit, Aaron served in the Army as a UH-60 helicopter repairer and was stationed in Hawaii with the 25th Infantry Division. He served in Afghanistan from 2004-2005 as a part of Operation Enduring Freedom. After his enlistment ended, he earned his BS in Construction Management from the University of Cincinnati.

Discover Your Inner Athlete

All American CrossFit Southglenn is the most fun and exciting place where you can discover and develop your inner athlete.